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Franchise Options

Purchase wholesale and start your own Custom-Printing service. Sell retail, kiosk or start your own on-line Holographic Label shop. (We can help with setup). We will supply the labels (12,000 Pieces), the printer, thermal wax resin refil cartridges (Enough to print 50,000) and the software. We can help with web design and marketing to get your shop operational. You can invest in many new markets within the ever growing cannabis industry, we believe our commitment and dedication to safety and security makes our labels the finest cannabis safety labels available.

  • Modest setup cost
  • Target market
  • Outstanding Return on Investment
  • Limitless resupply at lower costs
  • Promotes Security
  • New designs on the way


We are developing new label designs, targeting natural hemp, CBD, and other cannabis products.

Ground Floor Opportunity for limited franchisees

Set up your own shop or supplement your current business. Sell to dispensaries, Home edible makers and others who appreciate our detail to design and focus on security.

Set up a Home “On-Line” label store, Work from home and cash in on the new businesses need for safety and security labels

Security & Custom Design. All our labels are quality made are highly reflective and tamper-Evident. As a franchisee you will have access to consult on custom design for larger clients. We will use our art department to work with the clients you bring in. You will receive ongoing residual commission on all additional sales.

Insist on “GENUINE” canapac security labels.